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I have a TON of shoes. Shoes are a weakness of mine and wardrobe items I’m always collecting. But as much as I love shoes of all types, I find myself keeping the same few pairs in rotation on a small shoe stand right at my front door. These few pairs are usually ones that are the most versatile, the easiest to slip on, and will help me stay comfortable as I run around downtown.


The latest addition to my Front Door Collection are a navy pair of Sperrys called the Seaport Levy. They are a buttery soft pair of suede leather loafers with a cushioned memory foam insole that feel like clouds beneath your feet. Not only are the ultra comfy, but the slightly pointed loafer style is very sleek and can elevate even the most casual outfit. Another cool thing about this shoe is that they can double as mules since the back heel portion easily folds down. The combination of both a slip-on and mule in one makes these a summertime essential!

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If you’re in the market for a pair of chic, ultra comfy loafers, these are THE pair that you need. They’re also available in a variety of colors to suit your taste. When it comes to the Sperry brand, just know that you’re getting both style and comfort out of their shoes. Have a look at some of my other favorite Sperrys below!

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I always default to being casual and relaxed. On most days, I like to keep it simple with jeans, a tee, and sneakers — it’s easy and comfy. But for a recent trip to the west side of town (Santa Monica, CA), I changed things up a bit and swapped my usual sneakers out for these Seaport Penny Loafers from Sperry.  

These loafers were my go-to choice mainly because of comfort. The leather on these shoes are so soft that they have the “broken in” feel even during the first wear. I also knew if I wore these, I wouldn’t have to deal with the whole sock/shoe/sand situation after the beach. Happy that these did the trick and took me from city, to beach, and to the bars (not pictured) afterward without a problem!

Even though the style is a little different for me, I’ve really grown to love these loafers. The neutral, tan color is easy to style and can be easily paired with most items in my casual wardrobe. Also, the fact that I can just slip them on quickly make it an easy choice when for I’m running out the door. Besides, it’s nice to change things up!

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